Monday, January 19, 2009

SL 2.0: Narrative

(Linked from '[T]he conversation took place in a sim called The Study of Racialism being directed by the moderator of the sim Raymond Frog (second life name)...The conversation was as follows:

background noise...
...talking about the slides being shown
(assumed Australian guy)"Were there black people back then?"
(Raymond Frog-mediator) "Oh of course their were black people back then. in fact our whole species emerged in Africa, so we were probably all very dark originally"
(assumed Australian guy) "It kind of begs the question in the context of why are there still black people?"
(Raymond Frog-mediator) "Well of course you find the closer you are to the equator the more the bulk of your complexion needs to be to protect yourself from ultraviolet rays. So you'll have the same dark skin color throughout the region around the equator."
(assumed Australian guy) "No we don't have any black people in Australia actually"
(Raymond Frog-mediator) " What's that?"
(assumed Australian guy) "What?"
(Raymond Frog-mediator) "I'm sorry what was the last thing you said?"
(assumed Australian guy) "What did you say?"
(Raymond Frog-mediator) "I was just asking what was the last thing that you said?"'

Source: Daniel Small. Personal communication by email, 01.18.2009.